About us

Staff Care

Aisidi listens to the employees whole-heartedly, treating them as the largest fortune of the company. We focus on the benefit of every employee and offer stages for them to realize their self-value. We sincerely share success with employees and build a happy and warm family together.

All the time, Aisidi actively fulfills the responsibility of being an enterprise citizen and got steady development at the same time to repay the society in various ways. Aisidi has created job opportunities to help solve the problem of social employment by directly offering thousands of posts with the radiation effect of tens of thousands of job opportunities to create tremendous social value. We positively carry on the taxpayer duty and got Guangdong Top 100 Taxpayers of Privately-operated Enterprises, China Top 50 Taxpayers of Privately-operated Enterprises, China Top 20 Taxpayers of Retailing Enterprises.

Aisidiers hold the core value of dedication(Ai), Talent(si), Virtue(di) and the business concepts of collecting and keep men of talent for the prosper of the company all along. We insist the business ethics of lawfully operation and law-abiding tax payment. Aisidi always remembers the social responsibility and actively manage the placement to vigorously invest in public welfare and is ready to participate in disasters to repay the society in many aspects. This is widely praised by both inside and outside the industry. Aisidi has realized the win-win cooperation and common development between enterprise and employees, enterprises and the society. It is striding forward the China Best Enterprise with customer trust, staff love, peer respect and social praise.