Industry distribution

The company specializes in the supply chain management of mobile phone industry, grasps the operation and credit status of upstream and downstream customers, and builds a closed-loop and efficient supply chain management and risk control system based on professional field. In 2016, the company promoted the "production + finance" double wheel drive strategy and will focus on advantages of industry core enterprises to provide all-round, multi-level financial services for the upstream and downstream customers. The company also offers upstream and downstream financial services for related industrial units and quick and accurate response to upstream and downstream customers' funding requirements to enhance the overall competitiveness of the group. Financial Service

Shenzhen Financial Service Co, Ltd., was found in Oct.,2015 and registered in Shenzhen, Qianhai. The registered capital is 10 million yuan. It is the listed company Shenzhen Aisidi Co, Ltd.,’s (Stock Code: 002416) subsidiary. Financial Service is committed to providing customers with high-quality, full range of financial services. Starting from the domestic mobile supply chain services, it gradually expanded the cross-border supply chain, commodity supply chain and business factoring and other business segments. Financial Service has established "offline funds + logistics, storage services + factoring" as the core business model and provide financial support for upstream and downstream industries. With a strong online and offline integration services, as well as the national logistics and warehousing partners, and strong financial strength, it provides enterprises with flexible and convenient supply chain, financial services and business factoring services. Financial Service solves the problem of shortage of funds in the process of enterprise management to help enterprises to improve efficiency, enlarge scale and develop rapidly.

Founded more than a year, the company's business has been rapidly developped, from the size of the company and industry influence. In 2016, after the completion of the annual tax revenue of 4 billion 670 million yuan of ultra-high-speed development, the main service customers covered China's mainstream electricity providers and listed companies, etc., and quickly grew into the communications industry's leading supply chain service brand.

The sub brand China supply chain Nationwide Financial Services Inc(hongkong) integrates cross-border goods, funds and logistics resources to provide comprehensive financial services solutions for cross-border import electricity supplier enterprises.

Hainan Small Loan

Hainan Pioneer Network Letter microfinance Ltd. is a cross-border financial services platform with the "Internet, finance, industry chain" in one built by Aisidi company (Stock Code: 002416) and Chinese Credit Holdings Limited (Stock Code: HK8207) to provide diversified financial services supply chain for the communications industry and terminal retailers.