Industry distribution

Aisidi’s Distribution

Aisidi’s distribution is the core business of Aisidi Group, which devotes to introduce and popularize the global latest mobile communication products. It is always lying in the leading position of mobile distribution field, which is an integrated mobile supply chain value platform integrating marketing, capital and logistics.

As a mobile phone distributor, Aisidi actively keep in good cooperation with other mobile phone brands and continues deep partnership with well-known mobile phone brands at home and abroad. The company’s sales scale and sales performance have been affirmed by our partners and its professional and efficient comprehensive strength won the trust and support of partners.

Aisidi’s distribution is the strategic partnership of three Operators, always keeping a good partnership with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, which promotes the terminal sale of operators, business offices, government and enterprises, electronic channels and other channels. Aisidi offers direct service to 30,000 operators retail terminal stores of all types and has made great contribution to the development of terminal business of telecom operators.

Aisidi distribution business has seamless coverage of all parts of the country including 26 branches and members of business groups and frontline service staff, who are directly in charge of the sales task of mobile phone products and offer product consulting and service to the final customers. The company’s distribution has almost 60,000 channel partners, it has served approximately 200,000 social channel retail terminals.

Aisidi distribution has integrated the most outstanding resources within the industry and has built the fastest logistics service in the industry. The company has 5 regional market distribution centers and holds warehouses in 38 provincial capitals and key cities. It is able to carry out air distribution all day long with thousands of vehicles ensuring the city delivery service at any time and provide emergency delivery. A variety of modes of transportation cover more than 100% county-level cities and some developed towns.

Aisidi distribution group has intensively and meticulously farmed in the field of mobile phone distribution in recent 20 years to build a high-efficient, high-coverage and low-cost business group. This great mobile distribution group will not only carry out the whole network product operation, but also make platform business support. In the ever-changing mobile phone distribution market, the group always insists on the idea of efficiency first and service first. Aisidi distribution business always moves forward to keep challenging itself and innovating in the mobile distribution industry.

Coodoo Digital

Shenzhen Coodoo Digital Co. Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shenzhen Aisidi Co, Ltd. It has been established in 2006, whose business scope covers Coodoo Apple licensing, online retail, mobile retail and so on.

As China’s famous new 3C integrated chain of products retailers, Coodoo Digital has always been committed to the new 3C integrated chain of products retailing and one to one solution service provider according to the “Refusion to mediocrity, Coodoo life has began” brand spirit and "trendy, experience, professional, worry free" brand positioning.

With the booming mobile internet life in 2013, since 2014 Coodoo Digital has set up interconnection mode around the WeChat and the company website. It has constructed online platform with Tencent and its website establishment company to create a complete customer contact channel and lay the foundation for further strategic planning.

The sub brand Coodoo,is one of the core partners and the largest authorized retailer of Apple Inc., Apple education and enterprise channel licensing initial dealers. The main business includes professional agents and sales of a full range of Apple products, original fittings and associated third party accessories. Now, more than 70 high-quality retail stores authorized by Apple have been set up throughout the country, covering 15 provinces, 25 high-end shopping centers in the first and second tier cities; the company’s innovative marketing mode has focused on the customer experience in store design, store operations, personnel training and marketing, leading the new trend of domestic digital retail industry to be a digital marketing mode indicator;Coodoo is moving to the domestic professional image of the first professional authorized agent retailer and the best partner of the foreign brands in the domestic promotion.

Coodoo digital’s corporate value "Helping others succeed is your greatest success" helps the development of trendy 3C manufacturers, and put every effort to provide customers with "wonderful Coodoo life" .