Industry distribution

Aisidi has got Resale Business License from China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and has built sales service network around the country. Aisidi owns its own brand “” for mobile resale in 2014. The company’s self-developed customer management system, billing system and channel management system have the industry's leading competitive edge in aspects like cross border communication, Internet of things(IOT), communication access, ect. is a new public brand of Aisidi’s mobile resale business and also the first to open up the 170 number of virtual operators brand. As an industry-leading virtual operator, focusing on business profitability and model innovation, has signed cooperation contract with three basic operator enterprises and created service systems for both public and cooperative agents respectively, which improves online and offline user service channels to offer customers more convenient service. The company has promoted cross-border integration business and launched Internet financial products, international roaming products and other innovative products to realize complementary capabilities. It has built differentiated core competencies for resale business and provided a diversified development pmodel based on customer segmentation and integration through product innovation, fine operation and sales channel breakthrough. advocates "praise for freedom" and insists on innovative services and differentiated operations, providing a wide range of information solutions for individuals and industries to make mobile Internet use more freely. In 2016, has launched international roaming products “ Easy Go Cruise Card” to meet the needs of domestic users for outbound communications---- It can even meet customers’ communication needs of free voice message, data transfer, SMS, ect. and customers can enjoy low fee overseas without changing their sim card. The product is sold in 53 countries and regions globally, providing outbound consumers with convenient international roaming service through the form of Simmax plus soft SIM. At present, has covered 29 provinces and 90 cities, has more than 30 thousand sales outlets underline, and provide a new cross-border communication, multi-party communication, traffic reminder, leakage recharge and other services for users, is one of the most influential virtual providers in the industry.’s continuous innovative operation capability is widely recognized by users and the industry, the number of whose active users stays in the leading position in the industry. It successively obtained "Excellent Virtual Commercial Award" and "Innovative Enterprise" , ect. by the industry authoritative organizations and the media. has been in the China Top 10 Virtual Operators and Most Valuable Enterprises in Virtual Operation two years in a row.

Color Dream Technology

Shenzhen Color Dream Technology Co, Ltd.,was founded in 2004 invested by China Communications Group and merged into Aisidi group in 2013. After more than ten years of development, Color Dream Technology has become a leading mobile Internet product and integrated service providers of products content services and channels promotion. It is an important partner with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

Taking the construction of mobile phone payment platform as the strategic goal and based on billing advantages, Color Dream Technology joins quality content and strengthens channel capacity. In terms of billing, Color Dream Technology’s telephone payment platform has successfully obtained software copyright and other related intellectual property certificates. Its billing channel covers three national carriers and 31 provinces and cities nationwide.

Color Dream Technology adheres to the integrated development strategy of providing, operating and servicing the mobile phone digital content products, giving full play to the management tactics of charging channel value of operators. The company has integrated quality content and channel resources, closely related to the three aspects of "channel, content and channels" to fully build of the three core competencies "billing capacity, operational capacity and channel capacity". A new digital marketing channel for mobile phone digital content products is constructed to provide customers with a wealth of information services.

Color Dream Technology will continue to strengthen the deep cooperation with the operators, explore the new mode of mobile internet’s new situation and improve the capacity of benefiting according to the new trend of the mobile internet. With small, excellent, live, new operation mode, it will promote the innovation and development of business model to realize the rapid expansion with low cost, innovate the service value and create market value.