Industry distribution

Intelligent Terminal Sales

As a leader in the industry, for the b customers, Aisidi has strongly covered China’s mobile phones distribution network, formed high-efficiently logistics service system, various service modes and the industry's leading information management platform. It is widely trusted by the vendors, operators, distributors, and retail customers. For the c customers, Aisidi has started to develop C end retail business, Internet, e-business and other industry’s deep fields around the core business of smart phones’ distribution, depending on the company’s years of industrious resource advantages. Aisidi formed Coodoo which focuses on Apple's business and provided consumers with apple and apple peripheral products experience, purchase, training and after-sales service through the distribution of nearly 100 high-quality retail experience store in the country.

Communication Services

In the field of communication services, Aisidi has got Resale Business License from China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and has built sales service network around the country. Aisidi owns its own brand “” for mobile resale. The company’s self-developed customer management system, billing system and channel management system have the industry's leading competitive edge in aspects like cross border communication, Internet of things(IOT), communication access, ect. At present, the mobile resale business has covered 90 cities in 29 provinces, over 30,000 offline sales outlets and has provided customers with services like new cross-border communications, leakage warning, multi-party communication, flow recharge, ect. Aisidi has become one of the most influential virtual suppliers. At the same time, the brand company Colorful Dream Technology focuses on mobile phone digital business, constructing "digital marketing channel" to provide abundant information service for the customers based on three basic operators and mobile Internet business platform.

Financial Services

Based on years of core resource advantages through upstream and downstream channels and industries, Aisidi supplies chain financial services to industry chain customers in depth to contribute the strength of “finance plus capital” and accelerate the construction of the integrated “producing plus financing” O2O sales service platform.

The company's financial services business started well with successful supply chain finance, commercial factoring and cross-border supply chain finance;Automated operating system was successfully on-line. Customer operating system, risk control system and service system have reached the industry leading level;Aisidi has establish and trained a professional team with good operation, supply chain and financial services;With more than 300 clients, it has laid the foundation for bigger and stronger financial services.

Aisidi has initially formed a financial industry layout which covers different fields of supply chain finance, consumer finance, life insurance, investment funds, ect. at present. Based on core business platform resources, the company will keep integrating and using the producing and financing resources within and outside the system to build the financing eco-service platform.

E-business Platform

Since 2014 the company has launched Internet plus strategic transformation and upgrading to further strengthen the logistics, big data, risk control and other key ability construction through the integration of its own resources. It has also innovated the business model, and actively expanded the online trading platform to build. Aisidi has built and operated the B2b E-commence Platform and YNG cloud provider for B2C by practicing the Internet plus upgrade strategy and innovating the business modes. The company provides customers with one-stop service combining Internet, communication, terminals and financial services and becomes China’s most valuable O2O platform service provider. It dedicated to provide product display, sales, logistics, finance and other services to the mobile phone channel b customers and provide C customers with mobile phones and accessories, computer products and personal consumer goods sales services.