Industry distribution

Aisidi has built and operated the B2b E-commence Platform and YNG cloud provider for B2C. It dedicated to provide product display, sales, logistics, finance and other services to the mobile phone channel b customers and provide C customers with mobile phones and accessories, computer products and personal consumer goods sales services. The company has developed a full channel electricity supplier system and mobile client management system with independent intellectual property rights, more than 10 thousand core sales categories. The number of client C is more than ten million and we serve a number of B end customers to realize low cost electricity supplier operations based on profit.

YNG——Social electricity providers practitioner

Various shopping ways: group shopping, bargain, auction and other interactive entertainment to reinterpretate shopping behaviors.

YNG completes the second transformation and realizes the sale of the goods mainly through friends’ sharing and recommendation. YNG has formed word-of-mouth in the process of experiencing and generated flow in the process of sharing in order to enhance sales volume and realize business E-commercialization.

Later YNG will attract users with content and its carrier, send messages and products with content. Friends can realize quick communication, share their lives, and produce content through the user UGC way to form a perfect ecological closed loop.

YNG is always working hard to explore this big proposition of the new starting point of social e-commence, and is making further innovation in the combination point of socialization and shopping fun.